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Narayana Coaching Centers: Live Classes for Foundation, JEE, and NEET Preparation

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Transform Your Learning Journey

Join Narayana Live Classes for IIT-JEE, NEET, and Foundation to excel with India’s top teachers, access flexible learning options, and unlock up to 90% scholarships through the Narayana admission cum scholarship test. Experience comprehensive preparation from home with live classes, recorded sessions, detailed progress tracking, and expert doubt clearing sessions, all supported by exclusive study materials for a brighter academic future.

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What makes Narayana Coaching Centers Live Classes the best choice for you?

Live classes

Now your home is your classroom!
  • Learn from the best teachers of India
  • Get your doubt clarified in real time
  • Missed your class? watch recorded video later!

Practice Questions

Practice makes you perfect!
  • Choose from a huge 2L+ Questions Bank to practice
  • Concept level questions clubbed by difficulty level
  • Deep practice analysis to identify weak topics
  • Create your Own Practice Question Paper


Was learning this easy?
  • Concept-level high quality videos to strengthen your fundamentals
  • Summary of every topic for quick revision
  • Exclusive Narayana material to strengthen your concepts.
  • Books at your doorstep


Numbers that actually matter!
  • Get overall and detailed analytics of your performance
  • Understand your weak and strong topics
  • Track your performance and compare with toppers


Homework but digital!
  • Daily assignments to keep your preparation on track
  • Upload your assignment from phone and get it reviewed digitally

Scheduled Tests

Boost your performance with regular tests
  • Unit, Cumulative, Grand Tests every Fortnight to master topics
  • Error-Analysis for all your wrong answers.

Doubt Clearing Session

  • Schedule Doubt Sessions with Experts
  • Visit Nearby Offline centers for Question Paper Discussion.
about us
about us

45+ Years of Experience

Narayana Live Classes

Seamless Education: Why Narayana Live Classes Are The Future Of Learning

Choosing Narayana Live Classes for your kids is a decision backed by over 45 years of experience in delivering quality education. With a commitment to excellence, Narayana offers a range of features that set it apart. Comprehensive Error Analysis Reports provide invaluable insights into students' weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement. The Cutting-edge CDF Learning Technique enhances understanding and retention, ensuring a solid grasp of concepts. Micro-scheduling optimizes study time, maximizing productivity. Personalized mentoring ensures that each student receives individual attention and guidance tailored to their needs. With top-notch teaching faculties, engaging study materials and modules, learning becomes not just informative but also enjoyable. Rigorous testing ensures thorough preparation, equipping students with the skills and confidence to excel in their academic pursuits. With Narayana Live Classes, you can trust that your child's educational journey is in capable hands, setting them up for success in the competitive academic landscape.

600000 delighted students found success and fulfillment through our coaching

Live Classes


Narayana Live is the digital platform where students can attend live interactive online classes in the respective schedule. The classes can be attended on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone with a stable internet connection.

English Language only as of now.

NEET, IIT-JEE, Olympiads & School Level Exams For Class 8th to 12th.

  • Experienced & Expert Faculty.
  • Same recorded video lectures after the sessions
  • Printed books & study material will be provided.
  • Library for e-books for better learning
  • Assignments for better hand on
  • Scheduled Tests
  • Practice Questions
  • Error Analysis to the see best & weak areas.
  • Performance Analysis
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Test Series


  • 6,00,000


  • 50,000


  • 800


  • 23


  • 230




  • The Narayana Group legacy of 45 years of excellence in competitive exam preparation.
  • Narayana faculty consists of highly experienced subject experts in competitive exam preparation.
  • Narayana’s dual preparation strategy, comprising a comprehensive curriculum, prepares students for both Board exams and Competitive exams simultaneously.
  • Narayana’s scientifically designed study materials for NEET and IIT-JEE are meticulously researched and include top-level content, practical examples, and concept-boosting illustrations.
  • At Narayana, each student is provided best practice through multiple types of exams, including weekly tests, fortnightly tests, term exams, subjective tests, and grand tests.
  • Narayana’s comprehensive assignments cover various models within each sub-topic and include error analysis and rectification.
  • The Narayana All-India Test Series (NAITS) provides the students with an all-India platform to assess their preparation through a detailed subject- and topic-wise comparison with their peers across the country.
  • Narayana conducts regular parent-teacher meetings to provide feedback on students' progress.
  • Personalized attention is given to clarify doubts on a regular basis.
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