Take the Narayana NEET Repeaters Courses if you

Have passed 12th grade and have already appeared in NEET but didn't qualify
Have qualified NEET but did not get admission to the college of your choice due to a low score
Did not get the rank you expected
Did not appear in the NEET exam due to the 12th grade board and wish to dedicate a year for exclusive NEET preparation

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Why NARAYANA NEET Repeaters Courses?

Narayana Coaching Center repeater courses are carefully crafted for students who are focusing solely on NEET or other medical entrance exams. The Narayana Repeater Course curriculum differs from other one- or two-year programmes in that it is entirely focused on the entrance exam pattern rather than school board exams. Narayana enables aspirants to prepare aggressively through exhaustive and in-depth study material, test series, and mock tests while constantly improving speed, accuracy, and understanding of core concepts, making them the best NEET preparation coaching classes.

Highly experienced and well-trained faculty.
Scientifically designed curriculum.
Narayana All India Test Series (NAITS) provides all-India level platform to students.
Weekly tests, feedback, micro-level analysis.

Why NARAYANA NEET Repeaters Courses?

By Narayana NEET Repeater course students will be able to achieve:

A better understanding of the core concepts, leading to improved self-confidence
Better practise of questions through regular exams and NEET mock tests
A better understanding of the exam pattern and the ability to handle the pressure of the exam day, which will give them an edge over the freshers
Better focus on NEET alone, without any compulsion to maintain school attendance and the stress of 12th grade
Better handling of exam pressure and perform extraordinarily well in the NEET exam.
Better performance in NEET and improved chances of admission to top colleges

Course Highlights


Expert Faculty


Tests Based upon latest NEET Pattern


Exhaustive Study Material


Question Bank


Scientifically Designed Curriculum


NACST-(Narayana Admission cum Scholarship Test)

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